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Unknown to many people, Eemnes has had city rights since 1352. Together with Laren en Blaricum in Noord-Holland, the city is part of the BEL Combinatie, with Eemnes located in the neighbouring province of Utrecht. Eemnes has approximately 9,300 inhabitants.

The middle of Eemnes, around the Nicolaaskerk, is a protected villagescape. Many historic farms can still be found along the Wakkerendijk and the Meentweg. Since 1990 due to consolidation of land ownership, many places have abandoned agriculture and the farmhouses have been converted into spacious homes. In 2020, the “Huis van Eemnes” opened its doors as a multifunctional centre.  In addition, Eemnes has an active social club life with various sports clubs, a carnival society, the Farmers Youth Club KPJ, and the Feestcomité.

Since 2008, Eemnes is part of the Bel Combinatie, together with Laren and Blaricum.

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De Minnehof 72, Eemnes
De Minnehof 72 Eemnes | € 1.895 p.m. ex.
Raadhuislaan 55, Eemnes Sold
Raadhuislaan 55 Eemnes | € 515.000 k.k.
Lambertsveen 18, Eemnes Sold
Lambertsveen 18 Eemnes | € 525.000 k.k.
Patrijzenhof 151, Eemnes Sold
Patrijzenhof 151 Eemnes | € 289.500 k.k.