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Already you have been searching through the new listings on Funda for days, weeks, or maybe even for months.  “Too late”, “just gone”, “sorry this house has been sold”. The housing market moves rapidly. The speed of transactions on the market is one of the good reasons to involve a real estate agent. And there are many more reasons to call in a real estate agent to guide you. For example: on whose side is the selling agent?

As a buying agent, we guide you through the entire process of purchasing a home. We are your sounding board, sparring partner and knowledge base! We are the first to know that a house is up for sale. We value the house and assess its structural condition. What is the neighbourhood like and what developments are there? In short, the complete picture. Together we will search, view, experience, assess and eventually - when all checkboxes are ticked- we will negotiate for you!

We shall be glad to take the time for an introductory meeting, in which we explain our role as your purchase agent in its entirety.

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We help you with the
sale of your current house

with a personal and strategic plan for the best result.

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We help you with the
appraisal of your house

A validated appraisal report which is accepted by every financial lender (NWWI).

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We help you with the
rental of your house

For both professional developers and private residents we are the rental specialists for 't Gooi and surroundings.

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