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Historically, Naarden used to be the most important fortified city of the Gooi en Vecht region. It was granted formal city rights in 1351, and it is the only proper city in the Gooi region. In the 16th century the town became part of the Dutch Waterline as a military fortress. The number of inhabitants of Naarden is about 17,700. 

Seen from the air, Naarden has the shape of a star, formed by the double walls, gatehouses and bastions. Within the bastion you may find numerous places for good shopping, delicious food, and museums and galleries to visit. One of the more famous is the Arsenal, a concept store for interior design, gastronomy, lifestyle etc.; opened more than 20 years ago by the famous interior designer Jan des Bouvrie.

Since 2016, Naarden, together with Bussum and Muiden, is part of the municipality of Gooise Meren.

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Current listings in Naarden

Huizerstraatweg 2 A, Naarden New!
Huizerstraatweg 2 A, Naarden
price € 750.000 k.k.
Baljuw 42, Naarden Rented
Baljuw 42 Naarden | € 1.550 p.m. ex.
Keizer Ottoweg 4, Naarden Sold with conditions
Keizer Ottoweg 4 Naarden | € 510.000 k.k.
Rubenslaan 9, Naarden Sold
Rubenslaan 9 Naarden | € 1.195.000 k.k.
Prins Frederik Hendriklaan 74, Naarden Sold
Prins Frederik Hendriklaan 74 Naarden | € 925.000 k.k.

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