wonen in hollandsche rading

Hollandsche Rading

Living in Hollandsche Rading

Until 1930 Hollandsche Rading just counted a few farms surrounded by heather. Later on more houses were built and a few shops were added. Hollandsche Rading, however,  has a railway station despite the fact that it has only about 1500 inhabitants.

The term 'Rading' is the neat form of 'raaiing', meaning border or line. During the Middle Ages several battle were waged over a border around the Gooi region. In 1719 the border from Loosdrecht to Eemnes was indicated by the (now monumental) stone boundary posts.

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Current listings in Hollandsche rading

Kanaaldijk 1, Hollandsche Rading Rented
Kanaaldijk 1, Hollandsche Rading
price € 1.200 p.m. ex.
Adri Piecklaan 40, Hollandsche Rading Sold
Adri Piecklaan 40 Hollandsche Rading | € 409.000 k.k.